Capo Galera

About the diving center

The Diving Center is located on Capo Galera, a promontory in the center of the Gulf of Alghero, surrounded by Mediterranean maquis, in a white villa on the cliff, known as “The Dutchman Villa”. It was a Dutch oil company manager, in fact, who built it in the fifties.

The facility is open from April till October, and possibly on demand, it can accommodate more than thirty people. All guest rooms have a terrace overlooking the sea and the extensive areas of Mediterranean maquis around the villa contribute to the charm of a holiday immersed in nature. With opportunities to relax and have fun even for those not involved in diving.

All the gear of the Diving Center comes directly from Mares and is guaranteed and serviced by them.

Three compressors provide a filling capacity of 44 cubic meters with a system of intermediate tanks to ensure the best quality of air.

The villa is located on the cliff, fifteen meters above the sea, but do not panic! There is no need to carry your equipment down the bay. First there was Zepp, an old and glorious little boat on a rail used as a lift, leading from the yard of the house to the pier. It has now been replaced by a more convenient elevator to transport equipment and cylinders.

From the pier you board Patrizia, a beautiful 15 meter wooden boat built in 1966 at the Aprea shipyards by the expert master shipbuilders of Torre del Greco. The boat was completely renovated in 2001 to comfortably take twenty divers. Thanks to the location of the Diving Center, you can reach the dive sites with a short trip, 10 to 30 minutes. Just the time to set up your gear for the dive!

The staff, co-ordinated by Gaddo Risso, is composed of expert guides who know every corner of the coast and every cave where you can find fascinating things.

Led by them, you can dive at any level, from beginner to expert, doing night dives or exploring one of the many underwater caves that are along the gulf. Lastly, just jumping from the pier, you can also enjoy wonderful diving as well as snorkeling excursions around the bay.