Spend your days

at Capo Galera Dive Center

Feeling tired after a long day of diving? Spend your day in your own accommodation at Capo Galera.

I’ve learned one thing that every traveler knows: every place, every town that you visit has a soul to be discovered and has a place which is always more interesting than others. Each of those corners have to be found and unterstood.

Alghero is a seaside town: Alghero is also a harbour. For nine hundred years human beings have built houses, fortresses, towers and churches around the precious fresh water well which is still the bellybutton of the ancient town.

We offer our guests the possibility to spend the night just in front of the diving bay of Capo Galera, in a comfortable accommodation.

A unique experience, that you can’t miss; the best point of view to look at Alghero and the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea.

All our appartments and double rooms do not include breakfast. The appartments have their own kitchen while the double room have access to a shared kitchen.

See you soon,
Gaddo Risso