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THE SEA HORSES OF CAPO GALERA BECOME TV STARS - Episode of Linea Blu on 6th September 2014

  • 6 September 2014
  • News
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From 2012 to meet seahorses while diving in the bay of Capo Galera has become quite usual: accomplices are definitely the characteristics of the seabed (partly sand and seaweed), perfect habitat for these fishes with a singular iconic shape, and the watchful eye of our instructors and guides!

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Marco Colombo, well known Wildlife Photographer, regular visitor of the area of Alghero since early childhood, and Egidio Trainito, another Naturalist, historical friend of our dive center could not miss the chance, like many others, to capture these particularly photogenic subjects with their cameras.

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The passage of the TV show Linea Blu in the area of Alghero was an opportunity not to be missed to share with the public our little treasure!

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And now, we can officially say that in Capo Galera we do not dive only the caves of the Protected Marine Area of Capo Caccia and Isola Piana, but also we do REALLY SPECIAL encounters!

For those who missed the episode or would like to review the interview, this is the link:


Have fun!