Capo Galera

Diving Along the Cliffs

East to west, the Gulf of Alghero is a jagged arch formed by calcareous headlands: first, Capo Galera, where the Dive Centre is, then Punta Giglio and Capo Caccia.

Any point facing the tall cliffs is ideal for a dive. Just a splash away from the Diving Center you can have great dives, day or night.

Behind Capo Caccia, the rocky coast continues north to Punta Cristallo, which drops 300 meters to the sea. The cost is faced by two islands, the Foradada, getting its name due to a tunnel that bisects the little island and Isola Piana.

We can dive at a comfortable depth and cruise around the walls exploring the thousand crevices, hovering over the sea grass which covers the bottom like a prairie. Every underwater ravine and crack in the rock is full of colourful life to discover.

Every once in a while, the dark opening of a cave opens up in front of you. It is not easy for everyone to overcome the fear caves instil; on the other hand, it is even more difficult to resist the temptation to enter and discover these silent and wonderful environments.

Lastly, to experience the awe of the light that seeps down into the intense blue as you return to open waters... It's magical.