Capo Galera

Diving Nereo's Cave

The cliff of Capo Caccia drops down underwater to about 30 meters where the cave's deepest entrance is located. Other entrances are found at shallower depths, between 18 and 16 meters.

It is possible to navigate a complete circle starting from the lowest entrance.

The first section of the cave with its walls covered in red coral, leads to an upward tunnel connecting to a "room" stunningly illuminated by the light coming from the outside. From there, a 10 meter wide tunnel with a white sandy bottom extending hundreds of meters brings you back to the starting point.

Once the circle is completed, at a depth of around 23 meters, you’ll exit through a wide window 18 meters deep.

Besides the red coral, this cave is home to lobsters and many other crustaceans and, if in the mood to be seen, the host - a huge conger eel.

At a comfortable depth, Nereo's cave is perfect for those who want to experience their first cave dive.
The amazing scenery changes as you go dispelling any fear you might have had.