Capo Galera

Diving Cabirol's Cave

The name is taken from the homonymous staircase leading to the Neptune’s Caves, built in the sixties with 634 steps. Beneath this stairway, in the depth of 25 meters, lies the ideal anchorage.
The dive follows the profile of the bay around the anchorage, with vertical walls up to 30 meters deep.
The rock face is full of colorful life and several cracks, where shy fishes find safe shelter.

One of this ravine leads to the entrance of the Cabirol’s Cave. The cave has a length of approx. 50 meters and a depth of approx. 16 meters.
As soon as we reach the end of this cave it gets really thrilling: we discover that there is another cave above, which is connected to the other through a siphon. Turning off the torches we are fascinates by the sight: with the light of the afternoon, the two caves are flooded with amazing light effects that turn on our imagination.

Unique sensations that continue on the way out while leaving the second cave, and heading back to our boat.